Want to Predict Your Baby's Sex? Try This

Whether you want to find out the sex of your baby-to-be in advance is a personal decision every pregnant person has to make on their own (and/or with the help of a partner who is maybe being slowly crushed by the suspense of not knowing). You might be counting the days until your 20-week ultrasound to find out whether you’re […]

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We don’t yet fully understand what mindfulness is, but this is what it’s not

Last night’s episode of ABC’s Catalyst, “The Mindfulness Experiment”, offered a unique glimpse into what happens to people during Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, an eight-week structured training program in mindfulness meditation. The program followed 15 ordinary Australians who were seeking to deal with conditions including chronic pain, stress and anxiety. At the end of the experiment, many of the participants […]

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