New tools to boost the delivery of drugs to cancer tumours

The treatment of cancer tumours is made complex by their microenvironment and the abnormalities of the blood vessels sustaining them. The EU-funded NeoNaNo project has developed methods to improve drug delivery to tumours and improve the efficacy of anticancer therapy. Drug delivery to tumours is difficult. The blood vessels they depend on are abnormally structured, heterogeneously distributed and relatively poorly […]

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Virtual drug trials boost results

Bringing a new drug to market can cost more than two billion dollars. Not to mention years of work spent developing and testing for scientists, researchers, doctors, and trial participants. By bringing trials to the virtual realm, Belinda H. Tan ’96 has found a way to cut all that in half. Her company, Science 37, is moving the entire drug […]

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Reading to your kids might boost their social skills

(HealthDay)—Parents who read to their infants and toddlers may help them develop skills that pay big dividends when they start school, a new study suggests. Specifically, reading aloud and pretend play may offset disruptive behaviors—such as hyperactivity and aggression—and improve attention, researchers found. “When you read with your child, it’s really a warm, nice time together,” said lead researcher Dr. […]

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