Trauma-focused therapy may hold key to reducing women’s offending

Women prisoners might benefit from female-specific treatment that addresses the traumas common among women. A new report, launched at the Houses of Parliament today, analyzes the benefits of the Healing Trauma intervention programme currently running in eight of the UK’s 12 women’s prisons. The report outlines how trauma such as sexual assault, sexual abuse and domestic abuse, which affect mostly […]

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Estrogen receptors might hold key in obesity prevention

Despite countless fad diets, both obesity and metabolic diseases continue to plague communities across the U.S. Now, researchers from the University of Missouri believe that the clue to treatment might be related to estrogen—for both men and women. In two separate studies, Vicki Vieira Potter and Jaume Padilla, researchers in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, have found that […]

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Interaction between two immune cell types could be key to better dengue vaccines, study shows

Researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School have demonstrated for the first time a physical interaction between two types of immune cells that plays an important role in the early fight against dengue virus infection. Dengue virus is widespread in the tropics and is transmitted by mosquitos. Dengue virus infection incidence has grown dramatically in recent years, with estimates suggesting 390 million […]

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