I, you, or we: Pronouns provide hints to romantic attachment styles

Sometimes people wish they had greater insight into how their partner really feels. Recent work in social and personality psychology dives into the stories people tell about their romantic relationships, and finds that those prone to avoidant attachment, are less likely to use the word “we” when talking about these relationships. The results appear in the journal Social Psychological and […]

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My cum is crystal clear and despite months of trying, my girlfriend can’t get pregnant. It has always been clear and not white. I read this could be due to low sperm count. Do I need to undergo fertility tests or is clear ejaculation normal?

Thanks for your question. Pre-ejaculate (pre-cum) that is released before a guy climaxes is often clear. However, ejaculate or semen (cum) that’s released during orgasm is typically thick, whitish, gray or slightly yellow in color, and slightly transparent (you can see through it). It also feels a bit sticky. It’s interesting though because once semen leaves a guy’s penis, it […]

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How I Beat Cancer While Pregnant

The summer of 2007 was supposed to be one of the happiest times of my life — the long wait to officially adopt and bring home our daughter Naomi was almost over, and our family of three was growing to four. Instead, it turned into one of the scariest, most confusing times of my life.  I was diagnosed with breast […]

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