Apps that can help improve your child’s Maths and Science grades

Learning apps can aid in studying Maths and Science, using artificial intelligence and machine learning to helps students learn at their own individual pace, which is often missing in classrooms. With exams around the corner, stressed students and parents are on the lookout for ways to improve test scores. While subjects like Social Science and languages can be learned, concept-driven […]

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Is my child seriously ill?

Parents generally tend to consider their child more unwell than GPs and use different factors to judge symptom severity, according to researchers at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Academic Primary Care in a study published in the British Journal of General Practice. Respiratory infections are the commonest reason parents take children to see their GP. Disagreement between parents and […]

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Pediatric onset multiple sclerosis study examines baffling, often-overlooked disease

Seemingly overnight, healthy children develop mysterious, potentially disabling symptoms. When children finally receive a diagnosis, often after weeks of tests and office and hospital visits, the parents may be shocked to learn that they have multiple sclerosis—a potentially disabling autoimmune disease once believed to affect only adults. “For many years, the tagline for MS was that it was the ‘leading […]

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